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By Subhasree Jain 7/28/2016 3:36 PM Comments

Data analytics is the new black in several industries, it helps people to make informed decisions and are able to monitor their growth and fall. What happens when this technology enters schools? What happens when schools adopt modern means of calculating a child’s growth? What happens when elements of designs are thrown into the digital report card and record charts of a child? ReportBee is the solution that answers all these questions. Antony Jackson (AKA Jack Anto as the design community knows him of), Founding Member and Design Chief at Report Bee shares his experience as an Artist.

Jack Anto has always been passionate towards art and designs, after completing his under graduation in Visual Communication at Loyola College, Chennai, he started his experience as a full time designer and worked passionately for 9 years. His dedication and commitment towards Art has been so strong that he decided to start and eventually started Madrasters, a NPO for designers which hosts regular designer meet-up, design workshops and boasts a design community with more than 5000 members. What started as a small Facebook group for Jack is now a large network of designers where people share their knowledge and problems and come looking for a solution.

On a regular day, Jack starts his work after 6:00pm once he’s home after all the design reviews and critics done with his team. He loves networking with fellow designers on Madrasters and makes sure he communicates at least with one of them every single day. Apart from knowledge sharing, he also researches and studies on the trending designs. Finding his inspiration from nature, Jack Anto says, “All my project design and colors will have resemblance of nature”. Further he adds, “Most of the meetings bore me up and that is when I scribble, even while scribbling I make sure they are either UI or Icons”.

Message for Budding Artists

Five rules to become better designers

• Be ready to fail.

• Make sure the design emotes, at the same time don’t get emotionally attached to the


• Designs bring out solutions, present it confidently.

• Ask questions even if it is repetitive.

• Never under-estimate your designs.

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