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Artists are creators, masters of creative practices and practitioners of perfection. They are so full of themselves and focused that when they practice their art form and they almost become the unstoppable when they are engrossed in their form. Musicians, Visual artists, Dancers, Actors and others, have certain traits in common. From my desk at hazel, I’ve observed certain traits of our in-house graphic designers and almost every other friend of mine practicing other art forms could totally relate to it.


1. They Day Dream

In the middle of whatever they’re up to, they manage to day dream. From day dreaming and obsessing about their favorite band member, their alternative business plans it goes up till cuddling their imaginary pets. They can do it all and still complete their task. Only artists can!


2. Observe

They observe human and non-human environment around them. Sometimes during their observation process, they might just intimidate a non-artistic colleague with their stares. Nevertheless, their observation comes in handy because it all somehow gets absorbed into their minds and reflects in either their pet projects or final submissions.


3. Flexibility

They experience certain blocks at certain point of time, they will never work or get completely fussy when they’re experiencing the block. Give them a deadline and they’ll rebel and set their deadline and finally submit at the deadline provided earlier. Everything revolves around their own sweet time! There must be a AST (Artist’s StandardTime) set sometime maybe.


4. Never Settle

You might go awestruck looking at their drafts, ask them and they will be disappointed by their own work. Every final file of theirs will have a million alterations done. Hungry for better ideas, they cannot accept anything that is below their set standards. Artists will go to all the highs and lows and produce what they never call their Masterpiece.


5. Imagination

Their power to imagine and creatively perceive their ideas are too strong. In the course of imagining, they transcend into the world which is called Day Dreaming. Peek into their notes and you’ll find ideas worth dollars, somehow these ideas just don’t satisfy them. Artists make everything around us so aesthetic that we cannot just stop appreciating them. Working with them sometimes is really a task, high above or down below, artists at every positions have their own standards and meeting them is a bigger task, although you cannot deny the ounces of skills at thinking creatively that you’ve learnt and absorbed from them. It is rightly said, earth without art is just “eh”.

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