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By Subhasree Jain 9/15/2016 10:51 AM Comments

In the age where a majority of population in the social space claim to be a writer, YourQuote is a blessing in disguise. An online platform created by Harsh Snehanshu, YourQuote allows writers to share their original works with beautiful wallpapers and allows them to claim copyrights for the same, all this with exclusivity features while signing up, which makes its membership oninvite basis.

We asked Snehansu about what are some of the things that he would avoid if he were a first time entrepreneur, to which he says “I would spend minimum money in building an MVP. I will either learn technology myself or bring on board a technical co-founder. When I started my first venture, I ended up spending too much money in hiring people and chasing investors instead of perfecting product myself and bringing in customers.” Besides running and managing his start-up to which he is the co-founder and CEO for, he makes sure that he reads fiction or fiction related stories for about half an hour everyday ritualistically and play the guitar in the night before sleeping to keep the creativity and ideas flowing in. He defines CEO as “an individual who has the vision and the influence to inspire his/her team to steer their vision”. Being creative that he is, he gave a thought-tingling answer when we asked him how he would cope with failure, he says “Imagine if your life were a novel, the moments of crises are where it gets the most gripping, the most thrilling. What might be the worst point of your life is actually the best point of the novel that is your life”, and we couldn’t agree more with him. “It's the place that brings out your character, quite literally. Remember no reader will give up on reading this novel at that point, so you better not stop writing — your destiny, in this case”, adds Snehanshu.

Before YourQuote happened, Harsh was a full-time writer, freelance journalist, Young India Fellow and Solo Traveller. Before ending the interview we asked him one last question - If not a CEO, what would be your alternative career option, “I'd be leading product & growth for a mobile social networking giant, says Snehansu ”

Advice for next generation entrepreneur -

Just one advice: "Don't give up if you are starting up."

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