A Profession for compassion
By Subhasree Jain 9/19/2016 12:07 PM Comments

“I am a very compassionate human being…”, this is one of the clichéd line one can find in a résumé, but is it true, none of us know. In a situation like this, 20-something year old Sagar Sheth, CEO - AnimApp gives a new definition to it. His profession is centered around being compassionate. AnimApp is a rescue app which allows a user to take a picture of an animal in distress, tag their geo-location and provide details of the animal and describe the situation, all on the app. Once the user furnishes the details, a team closest to the entered location arrives at the spot and rescues the animal.

While Sheth was pursuing his undergraduate degree from SRM University, Chennai, he came across a puppy which received no help for its open head wound even after reporting the issue. Two years after the incident, AnimApp was launched on June 2016. Currently operating in chennai, the team aims to move to other cities soon. While Sagar Sheth is a full time CEO at AnimApp, he also has avid interest in travel, reading, writing, music, scuba diving, cycling and other various sports, the most recent being badminton.

While one might define Sheth’s personality as a pet-owner owing to his work, it comes as a surprise that he never owned a pet until two years ago. After adopting two stray kittens and another recently, spending time with them is something he wouldn’t miss. Apart from this, spending time at blue cross is an integral part of his daily routine. “My social life has diminished in the past year but I still make it a point to catch up with my friends every other week”, Sagar Sheth added.

We asked him what are some of the things that he would avoid as a first time entrepreneur, he says “As a first time entrepreneur, I would avoid keeping money as my goal. Using money is a great incentive but it should not be the sole purpose of your work. I would also avoid sticking to traditional guidelines and rules and start thinking outside the box. Avoid dreaming about all the fame that is tied to startups and entrepreneurship, instead dream about all the positive change you can make in society”. According to him, a CEO is someone sprouting out four extra pairs of hands and another pair of legs to get any and every job done all while using one’s brain on overdrive. It involves management, quick thinking, lots of risk taking and immense passion for what you do.

If not AnimApp, his alternative career path would be in the music industry as he is passionate about the same. Before concluding, he says “Playing the guitar is a no-brainer. I played in a couple of bands in school and college, but there is nothing like sitting in my room and exploring different ways to writing and playing a song on my own”. “I don’t have much time to tend to my guitar nowadays but I hope to study music at some point in the future”, he adds.

Advice to budding entrepreneurs

Do a lot of research, read a lot and do not hesitate to ask others for help once in awhile. Criticism goes a long way.

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