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By Subhasree Jain 8/4/2016 6:02 PM Comments

In the age where a lot of us are confused of what we want to pursue as a full time career practice, there comes a ray of hope in the form of Shriram Sanjeevi who is changing the face of e-commerce shopping through He calls himself a retailer by profession and choice and has been in the retail industry since 1997. Starting with scooping ice creams at Baskin Robbins, he went on to occupy higher managerial positions with RPG Retail & Future Group and in Leadership roles at Bangalore International Airport, Cafe Coffee Day and Royal Enfield after pursuing B.Com, MBA, PGD in International Business and Executive Education from IIM Bangalore. With a lifetime of experience he has seemed from working in corporate sector, he now teaches marketing at various B- Schools including IIT Madras, SRM University, Chennai B-School, to name a few. is a hyperlocal e-commerce marketplace which connects retailers and customers, the team at does not consider themselves as a logistics partner; rather an enabler and catalyst for retail stores by increasing their throughput of sales without them having to spend incrementally on acquiring new customers or to reach existing customers. Selling over 3000+ products listed on their website ranging from grocery & household products and Baba Ramdev's Patanjali to books & stationery, T-Shirts & accessories, baby products. Also it is the only e-commerce website that sells tender coconuts online. While most of the orders placed online takes anywhere between 2-15 days, does the job in 30-300 minutes.

When we asked him about his views on teamwork and communication methods, Sanjeevi maintains the view that teamwork is indeed important in any business and more so in a B2C business like retailing; however, what is more important is for the team members to know their roles and responsibilities very precisely. He says “In a dynamic environment like a Startup, this is even more important because the goalposts and milestones keep changing from time to time. For established and mid-large companies, the challenges are quite different although Communication remains one of the biggest areas of concern for Team Leaders and Managers.” Shriram Sanjeevi practices communication very effectively with his team, when the matters are important and strategic, he prefers voice call or face to face discussion. Even otherwise he feels that it is important for a member to be aware of the work flow and with proper modes of communication, the information flows seamlessly.

Before concluding, Shriram Sanjeevi shared his experience about how taking notes helps him and why it is important for any entrepreneur. He says “I take notes of as many things as possible since I am an active thinker. I keep getting ideas during various times of the day, while having bath or driving to work or sipping a cup of coffee or simply just walking or taking a stroll. I use the Evernote to store and share ideas since the app is seamlessly connected to my gadgets.”

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