8 tips and tools for the Sketch Artist in You
By Phebe Colleen 9/12/2017 12:20 PM Comments

The foremost thing to know is that you can do it! Creativity is embedded into your genes and you will do well to start by believing that. Just like music and rhythm is innate to our nature, we have all the potential to do just about anything, including sketching!


  • Don't give up after a while. It may seem hard and tedious, but the results are always worth it. Come rain or sunshine, always keep sketching.


  • Get a Sketch Book. A compact sketching book or journal is always a handy thing. Get one for yourself and carry it around like your phone camera. After all, it can be. Our best pick? The NoonDay Brocade Artist's Journal :)


  • Observe literally Everything. It's a beautiful world we live in. Everything has it's own expression of beauty. So no matter where you are, sketch 'em all!



  • Pace Matters. Start by drawing still objects. Things that are not in motion will serve well when you are trying to capture detail.
  • Move onto slow moving objects like a rocking chair, a rolling ball and then upgrade to quicker paced objects like moving vehicles.


  • Pen it! Always have your favorite pen around, like the sketch book. A pen can do wondrous things, so be sure to choose the perfect one.


  • Fight with time. Do quicker paced sketches - under a minute, or in 30 seconds. Be like Flash on fire!


  • Be a copycat. Doing copied work isn't a bad thing. It's beneficial in many ways, actually. You start by observing the minute details and strokes of the original artist. You learn a lot about lighting and shading, and it's one of the quickest ways to do so.


  • Never Erase. Throw that eraser far, far away. Your flaws are part of the sketch, beautiful in their own way. Perfect your own imperfection.


  • Challenge yourself. When you begin to progress well, try to sketch things by recollecting them from memory. Don't use any reference, just your imagination.
  • Above all, practice, practice, practice!


Images Courtesy: Hazel Artist Radha and Hazel Customer Aakash Ramesh 

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