Since 2016.




Hazel is what defines you, it is that medium which fills the void when you’re filled with ideas that can change your world. With Hazel in company, you will no more have to deal with the disorder on your desk. We will make sure that we indulge you in the habit of writing in the digital age and take you back in time when you felt pen and paper for the last time, making you feel all nostalgic.

As our name suggests, we aim at adding the sophistication, style and grandeur which is veiled at your workplace, luxury that is inside-out, speaking your soul out. With materials used for the cover and the papers used, we design products that is not just high in quality and style, but also in durability and usability.

Presenting the stationary deigned for all the money-makers, artists, change-makers and the future leaders, HAZEL.


After a year of detailed planning and research,
we made sure we did not leave any stone unturned in making the finest journal.


Hazel’s notebooks are crafted with the finest suede leather, oozing out luxury from every corner.



Unconventional in every standard yet accepted by everyone, Hazel’s journals are not anywhere close to the boring printed notebooks.


Hand Crafted

Every Hazel product comes with its signature hand crafted embossed designs that appear on the branding of all the journals.


Limited Edition

Every series at Hazel is non-repetitive. Once the existing stock exhausts, we will not re-print them.

Our Team

Meet our creative, hard-working people. Had it not been for them we wouldn’t be here today.
Gokulraj GK
Vineetha Naval
Product Designer
Gayathri Snehavalli
Business Manager
Subhasree Jain
Content Designer
Humshini Mohanraj
Graphic Designer
Radha Raja
Graphic Artist
Silas Joe Peter
Graphic Designer
Admin and Operations Manager
Sales Manager